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Pelion Gastronomy

Enjoy unique tastes of Pelion with herbs from the mountain of Centaurs.

The gastronomy in Pelion reflects the morphology of the area which combines the mountain and the sea. Wild and local meats in traditional recipes during the winter, fresh fish and sea food delicacies alongside local spirits in the summer. Naturally, there are several options from simple, traditional taverns to gourmet restaurants.

The traditional cuisine of Pelion based on simple raw materials that were in place creating heavenly flavor combinations. In Pelion cuisine leading materials from nature such as chestnut mushrooms, nuts, grasses, ferns, blackberries, apples and a bunch of herbs from the mountain of Centaurs. The most traditional dish in Pelion is Spetsofai. Kretama Trachana soup, bean soup, fterokeftedes etc., with special flavors. While their honor have tsitsiravla.

In east Pelion there is a great agricultural production especially in fruits and vegetables all of which are used into food straight from production. In Zagora one can find a big cooperative of apple production and various food & pastry cooperatives in nearby villages.